custom classes


We think our Signature Classes are great, but we want to hear what kind of classes you can dream up!  Got an idea for a class?  We’ll collaborate on whatever your child’s interests are no matter how specific.  Some of our past custom classes include:

Little Luminaries: In the Kitchen

In our customized art and culinary version of our signature compliment to a traditional preschool program, children’s weekly classes will be theme based, take place in the kitchen using kitchen materials for both cooking and art, and always involve a take-home art and/or cooking project.  Classes may also include circle time with discussion, books, and journaling.

Block Party
Block Party is a custom constructive arts workshop that takes Legos to the next level!  Over the course of the summer little architects will have the opportunity to expand upon traditional designs by being asked to think outside the (Lego) box.  Different building materials (sugar cubes, marshmallows and toothpicks, tree blocks, wood blocks, gears, and more) and loose parts will be introduced weekly so students get to explore a full range of construction and design in addition to Lego construction.  Each class will culminate with a sculptural art project translating creatively what we leaned and discovered through our hands on approach.


Custom classes range between 4-12 sessions. Contact 212.414.5427 or for more information or to start planning your class today!